Protective Services Officer (X5 Posts)

Closing Date: 2022/05/29
Reference Number: RAN220520-3
Job Type Classification: Permanent
Location – Country: South Africa
Location – Province: Gauteng
Location – Town / City: Vereeniging
Location – Site: Vereeniging

Job Advert Summary
Reporting to the Protective Services Supervisor, the successful candidate will be responsible for the protection of Rand Water staff, assets, and property in line with the National Keypoint Act, the MPSS, and other legislation as well as site-specific procedures and training guidelines.

Minimum Requirements
Grade 12 or equivalent
PSIRA and NKP registration
Two years’ security experience within a National Keypoint installation.
Competency certificate in handling pistol, rifle or hand machine carbine and shotgun as well as successful completion of the following unit standards: 123515, 123514 and 123511

Primary Duties
Access and egress control, including patrolling and guarding of the perimeter area as well as building patrol.
Searching for vehicles, people, and packages.
Traffic control and biometric system monitoring, pedestrians and vehicles including contractors, suppliers, and visitors.
Crime investigation and prevention, information gathering.
Emergency preparedness in terms of first aid, firefighting, evacuation of personnel and vehicles, industrial accidents, threats, and disasters.

NKP and PSIRA regulation knowledge
Patrolling and guarding
Access and egress control
Current relevant legislation and company policy
ISO9001, ISO14001, and Occupational Health and Safety

Decision making
Good communication (both written and verbal)
Conflict handling
Good interpersonal skills

Analytical ability
Customer service


Policy: We are committed to Employment Equity when recruiting internally and externally. In evaluating prospective applicants and making the final selection, preference will be given to females and/ or people with disabilities to give effect to Rand Water’s Employment Equity Objectives.

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