Branch: Provincial Coordination and International Cooperation: Gauteng
Division: Hydrometry
SALARY: R104 073 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE: Boskop Area Office

REQUIREMENTS: An ABET Certificate or relevant qualification. One (1) to (2) two years of experience in performing manual work. Basic knowledge of using equipment, tools, and light machinery must be punctual and productive. Must be able to work away from the office for long periods and stay at camp sites near work. Must be able to work in or near rivers and dams. Good communication skills. The official may expect to work long durations away from the office.

DUTIES: Performing general maintenance and light construction work at gauging stations. Performing general maintenance at the office complex and terrain. Maintain and take care of machinery, equipment, tools, and goods. Apply occupational health and safety to ensure a safe working environment and conditions.

ENQUIRIES: Mr. P.D. Geldenhuys at 082 721 2297

APPLICATIONS: Gauteng (Boskop Dam Hydrometry): Please forward your application quoting the relevant reference number to The Department of Water and Sanitation, Private Bag X08, Noordbrug, 2522 or hand deliver to Hydrometry OfficeBoskop Dam. (On the R501 between Potchefstroom and Carletonville, 16 kilometres from Potchefstroom.
FOR ATTENTION: Mrs M. Buyskes Tel No: 018 298 9000

CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2022
NOTE: Applications must be submitted using the newly implemented Z83 form obtainable from the Department of Water and Sanitation website, under career opportunities or the DPSA website, under vacancies in the Public Service (point 4), and should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV (with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge & experience). All required information on the Z83 application form must be provided.

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