CLEANER (X3 POSTS): SALARY: R104 073 per annum

CLOSING DATE: 25 February 2022
Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services
SALARY: R104 073 per annum
CENTRE: Lotus River CDC (X1 Post)
District Six CDC (X2 Posts)

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum requirement: Basic literacy and numeracy. Inherent requirement of the job: Must be bodily suit to raise heavy objects. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Good verbal exchange capabilities (read, talk, and write) in at least two of the three professional languages of the Western Cape. Ability to function equipment and equipment. Knowledge of covid-19 contamination manipulates processes.

DUTIES: Maintain excessive popularity of neatness and hygiene in the facility. Implement contamination management coverage requirements together with Covid-19 protocols. Effective cleansing and renovation of equipment. Cost-effective use of cleansing consumables. Effective Waste Management. Render guide offerings to Housekeeper supervisor and management.

ENQUIRIES: Ms. G Jones Tel No: (021) 703-3131, Email: (Lotus River CDC)
Mr R Christoffels Tel No: (021) 833-4500, Email: (District Six CDC)

APPLICATIONS: The Director: Metro Health Services, Southern/Western Substructure, DP Marais Nurses Home, Corner of White and Main Road, Retreat, 7945 or P.O. Box 30360, Tokai, 7966.


NOTE: Shortlisted candidates may additionally be subjected to a realistic assessment. No price of
any sort is required when making use of this post.

CLOSING DATE: 25 February 2022

NOTE: It will be predicted of candidates to be reachable for resolution interviews on a date, time, and location as decided by way of the Department. Kindly notice that extra personnel will get hold of the desire

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