SALARY : R104 073 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE: Military Health Training Formation HQ, Thaba Tshwane, Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS: NQF Level 1 – 4. Experience in dealing with food and cleaning. Must be in a position to acquire an exclusive protection clearance within a year. No crook record.

DUTIES: Operating kitchen appliances. Prepare ingredients and snacks according to ration scales and each day’s menu. Assist with dishing up meals. Assist with meal training at some stage in area exercises. Cleaning of trays inwards. Lay out mattress desks for patients. Fetch meals from the kitchen in the meals warming trolley. Control the meals earlier than leaving the kitchen for a distinct food regimen and the right quantity for the patients. Serve tea or coffee. Collect dishes after meals. Take trolleys again to
the kitchen after using them. Wash patients’ water bottles and grant them clean water daily. Mop the kitchen ground after every meal. Wash cabinets and partitions weekly. Ensure that the food regimen lists are taken in time to the kitchen.

ENQUIRIES: Major A. Teka Tel No: (012) 674 6125 Candidate Officer A. Mahobja Tel No: (012) 674 6221

APPLICATIONS: Department of Defence, South African Military Health Service, Military Health Training Formation HQ, Private Bag X1022, Thaba Tshwane,0143 or can also be hand-delivered to Military Health Training Formation HQ, Voortrekker Road, Thaba Tshwane

CLOSING DATE: 28 October 2022 at 16:00 (Applications obtained after the closing date and faxed copies will no longer be considered).

NOTE: It is the Department’s intention to promote fairness (race, gender, and disability) via the filling of these posts with candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representativity in line with the numeric pursuits as contained in our Employment Equity plan. Applications should be submitted on the prescribed structure Z83 (obtainable from any Public Service Department workplace i.e advantageous 01 January 2021 or on the DPSA net website link: Should a utility be obtained through the use of mistaken utility employment shape Z83, it will be disqualified, which needs to be the beginning initialed, signed, and dated via the applicant and which has to be accompanied with the aid of an exact CV solely (with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, know-how & experience). In phrases of
circular no 19 of 2022 on exercise notes on the Z83 software for the employment and different associated things the following should be viewed in relation to the completion of the new Z83 structure by means of applicants: Part A, all fields should be completed. Part B all fields have to be executed in full besides when passport number: South African candidates want no longer grant passport numbers, applicant has answered “no” to the query are you conducting commercial enterprise with the State or are you a Director of a Public or Private business enterprise conducting enterprise with the State.

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